English Speaking Meeting Munich - September 2017


-- Continuation of our meeting series for English speaking members & friends, expats, and whoever is interested in Munich --

PDU code: C178-58-17-09-16

Weekend breakfast meeting! Location will be Coffee Fellows in Munich Schützenstrasse; meeting lounge on first floor

Agenda: "Stakeholder management powered by Ayurveda"PH00456
Project success depends to a big extent on the subjective perception of key stakeholders. Managing stakeholders appropriately can therefore make a big difference for project managers.
For guidance, many typologies of personality have been proposed. Using the ancient, holistic science of Ayurveda is new but promising and easy to learn.
The workshop will introduce the typology of personalities, and how to recognise all three prototypes ("dosha"): Skinny communicative out-of-the-box-thinkers. Sportive, charming, hot-blooded people of action. Strong well-tempered individuals, solid as a rock.
We will explore the challenges and opportunities related to each type, and share best practices how to deal with them. The goal is to broaden our repertoire as project managers, and last but not least have a little bit fun.

Starting time: 09:30 am CET, duration: 3 hours

Presenter: Dr. Swen Osterkamp, PMP, currently works as COO of a medium sized supplier of self-service solutions. He manages projects of different sizes with multi-national, virtual teams, external contributors and clients from many industries for around 10 years. He is fascinated by the practical wisdom of Ayurveda, in particular the Dosha concept, since meeting it 5 years ago. His experiences are published in an article on „Ayurvedic stakeholder management“ in Projektmagazin (edition 09 and 10, 2016). https://www.projektmagazin.de/autor/dr-swen-osterkamp

Event hosted by Antje Lehmann-Benz and Francesco Miglietta

Coffee Fellows as a venue asks for minimum consumption of 5 Euros per person and hour. We will take orders for breakfast and beverages at the beginning of the event.

Due to the room capacity, attendance will be limited to maximum 20 participants.

PDUs: 1 Leadership / 1 Strategic Business / 1 Technical (3 total)

Chapter members only - please have your PMI ID (not your PMP number) at hand at the event; we will then claim PDUs for you

Non-chapter members - please claim PDUs by yourself



Schützenstraße 14, 80335 München, Deutschland

München 80335
14 Schützenstraße
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