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English Roundtable Munich - July 2020

14.07.2020 19:00 - 20:30
Online | Webinar


Mergers & Acquisition - How to manage M&A projects

From the perspective of a legal entity surgeon - How project management in M&A projects are executed

This session will outline why classical project management approaches might still be useful in today's agile world and which considerations management needs to make before confirming such vast business impacting projects.

The participants will learn that classic project approaches are still useful in today's time, how to add agile components to the classic approach and what impact a non-reliant planning has on the execution of the project. The project phases, considerations, risks and strategies to achieve a successful long-term M&A project will also be discussed and explored.

Key takeaways:

  • Classical project management approaches are still valid in today’s agile approach
  • M&A projects require a tremendous amount of considerations to be successfully executed
  • A transaction is always team work

Roundtable host: Stefan Klement (PMP)

About Stefan:

Stefan is a Manager in Transaction Advisory Services / Operational Transaction Services, with several years of experience in IT project management, Due Diligence and IT Outsourcing. Currently, he works as a Manager in the OTS (Operational Transaction Services) team at EY focusing on IT.

Organizer: Chanaka Perera (PMP)

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Online | Webinar

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