The Local Groups of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V.

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Online Roundtable

Gotscharek 140x210Our new roundtable format, the online roundtable, debuted on May 18, 2016, with the topic of "Project Health Check—Project Optimization." Even if it is, by definition, not a "local group," we see this format as a relevant representation of the institution and chapter, "a (virtual) national presence." Our online roundtable will now take place at irregular intervals using the webinar platform of chapter volunteer Wolfgang Gotscharek. We will keep you posted using our regular channels as well as in the event calendar.

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English-speaking Roundtables Munich/Stuttgart

Antje Lehmann Benzchristian knutson bildSince early 2009, we have been offering roundtables for English-speaking members in Stuttgart and Munich. The Munich group initially was guided by Eddie Lang and has been taken over by Antje Lehmann-Benz and Francesco Miglietta in 2017. The Stuttgart group is guided by Amy Hamilton, Christian Knutson and Joe Stanko.

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Dr. Ingmar RoggatzThe local group in Nuremberg was founded in 2009 by Achim Pächtner, with support from Dr. Ingmar Roggatz and Guido Chiartano, as a spin-off based on the Munich model. Today, the roundtable is coordinated jointly by Dr. Ingmar Roggatz and Guido Chiartano.

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Michael DettmerIn June 2016, we were finally able to establish a roundtable to close the gap in Ingolstadt, an immensely important area for us. The local group in Ingolstadt is was headed by Marko Velkovic until November 2017.

In December 2017, Michael Dettmer took over. Here is his short self-bio (in German): "Von der Herkunft her bin ich Diplom-Informatiker, habe mehrere eigene Firmen. Wir entwickeln Individual-Software (PC, Mac und Web). Ich persönlich arbeite seit 1996 im Projektmanagement bei Airbus, habe 2015 zusätzlich zum PMP einen Master in Projektmanagement gemacht."

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Gerhard WildThe roundtable in Regensburg was founded in 2009 by Martin Okrslar. Wilfried Dechant and Gerhard Wild took over the organization of the group in 2010. Meetings are typically held at Casa Rios in the city center.

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Munich North

WMaertsch PMI SGCsteffen ggel kleinWenzel Maertsch has been organizing - with Steffen Gügel - the roundtables in the north of Munich since the summer of 2017. He has been a chapter member since 2011. In 2012, he volunteered for the PM-Summit event project. Wenzel Maertsch works in project management for a German mobility service provider. Within the PMO, he develops the project management practice and also works as operational project manager.

Steffen Gügel already organized and moderated roundtables in Munich until 2015. Steffen Gügel works for a globally active IT service provider as senior project manager. In this role, he acts as a process consultant, project planner and lead, as well as a management consultant. Also, the further development of project management in general is one of his responsibilities in his unit.

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Munich East

MichaMichael Dickmann has been organizing roundtables in eastern metro Munich since 2010. He has been a chapter member since 2009 and works as a freelance consultant and trainer. Ms. Evelyn Greiner-Dürr has been co-moderator of the roundtable in eastern metro Munich (Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn) since 2015. She holds a degree in informatics from the Technical University of Munich, is PMP certified and has been a member of the chapter since 2012. Ms. Greiner-Dürr has many years of professional experience in the IT sector (focusing on process and project management) and currently works as a freelance consultant and project manager.

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The local group in Ulm was founded by Bernd Müller-Dautenheimer in November 2012. The local group hosts monthly roundtables and events to offer interested project managers a forum for exchanging information and hearing news of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter.

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matthias rummel GerhardWolfSince August 2016, we now also have a local group in Karlsruhe. This roundtable is headed by Matthias Rummel and Gerhard Wolf. Matthias, a project manager with international experience and Gerhard, also a project manager in the automotive industry, have known each other for several years and are therefore a well-organized team. We are very happy that the local group Karlsruhe in the PMI Southern Germany Chapter provides another point of contact in southern Germany.

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zweifel klein1olaf schweizerThe local group in Stuttgart was headed by Michael Kaufmann until 2008. In 2009, Michael Brenner took over the leadership role and introduced monthly get-togethers, alternating between roundtables and chapter meetings. From 2011 to June 2015, Philipp Hallermann chaired the local group in Stuttgart. Since July 2015, the local group in Stuttgart has been jointly chaired by Andrea Zweifel and Olaf Schweizer. Andrea Zweifel concentrates on chapter meetings, while Olaf Schweizer has taken over the roundtables. 

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Southern Baden

The local group in southern Baden is led by Herrmann Schmid, Dipl.-Kfm., PMP, who has more than 20 years of project experience in the international arena. Herrmann Schmid has been a member of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. since 2007, was one of the organizers of the first PM Summit 2010, works as a project manager at a sensor manufacturing company, and lives in the southern Baden region, where he has been an adjunct lecturer since 2012.

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There have been roundtables in the Lake Constance region since 2010. Beginning this year, organization has been taken over by Werner Biehl and Andreas Schnell. We try to hold a meeting regularly (approximately) every eight weeks and offer interesting presentations or moderated discussions.

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