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Social Responsibility Projects (SRP) / Project Management for Social Good®

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Social Responsibility Projects (SRPs) is an initiative of PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. – Members of the Chapter working as volunteers utilize their expertise and experience in project management to support projects with a social background. These projects are from the following areas:

  • Projects with non-profit organizations and NGOs
    We support their project management, teach basics in project methodology or put our effort into the delivery of these projects. The goal is to support children, teenagers and socially disadvantaged families with the outcome of these projects and in doing so make a contribution to social integration.
  • Projects with schools
    We support schools with the realization of difficult projects, where the expertise of experienced project managers is required.
  • Students' projects based on the TheoPrax® methodology
    Our Chapter cooperates with the TheoPrax Communication Center at TU Munich and with the MINT region of districts of Munich and Dachau (MINT-Region Münchner Umland). We support teams of students during planning and successful delivery of projects with out-of-school partners like local medium-sized companies.
  • Education projects at colleges and universities, a joint approach with our chapter’s Academic Program (see also Academic Program of PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V.).


  • We offer voluntary support in project management for non-profit organizations and schools that have no internal know-how to conduct these projects.
  • We teach our project partners basic concepts for a structured project approach and the use of project management methods.
  • Through our engagement, we help our project partners to achieve their project goals.
  • Members of our chapter, who are ready to engage as a volunteer in a social purpose, can effectively use their expertise in project management.
  • We provide an overview of the job profile of a project manager.

Project Candidates

PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. is cooperating with project partners for its Social Responsibility Projects. This program focuses on projects where children and teenagers are supported and mainly benefit from the project outcomes.

SRP Grafik neu 2018 ENYou are a good match if:

  • You are a non-profit organization, an NGO or a school
  • You are politically independent and not bound to a religion
  • You are planning a comprehensive or mission-critical project, or you have already started a project and need help with it

The next steps are:

  • Talk to us about the type and size of your project.
  • We will check on the requirements and needed resources, usually in a workshop with your staff members. 
  • You decide if you want to engage with our chapter’s volunteers.
  • We set up an agreement (Project Charter) for the voluntary support with roles, tasks, a project plan and the expected effort, as well as the required obligations on your side.

Ongoing Projects

TheoPrax projects in MINT-Region Münchner Umland (MINT region of districts of Munich and Dachau)

TheoPrax is a project methodology created for use in schools. The name TheoPrax stands for the combination of theory and practical experience. An important aspect of these projects is that the project is conducted for an out-of-school customer, mostly a commercial enterprise, and the project deliverables are a benefit for the customer.

Experienced project managers of our chapter will coach and support the student teams and make sure that the project goals can be achieved and the project outcome has the expected value for the external project partner.

For our collaboration with schools, we appreciate special support through our cooperation with the newly founded MINT-Region Münchner Umland (MINT region of districts of Munich and Dachau).



We develop project plans for sporting events and give advice to the staff members of BUNTER SPORT during the execution of their projects and in applying project management methods in their day-to-day work. BUNTER SPORT is a non-profit association in Nuremberg. They organize sporting events and get-togethers where young Germans team up with young refugees to foster social integration.


Malteser Hilfsdienst Nürnberg, Integration Service for Young Refugees

Our volunteers help project teams, where no project management know-how is available, to structure, plan and deliver their projects for social integration of young refugees. This program is also sponsored by the German Federal Government.


manfred ottManfred Ott, PMP
Director at LPrge, Social Responsibility projects

If you are interested in participating in our program, or, if you have a practical idea for a project, please contact Manfred Ott,

Sponsoring & Partnerships

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