"We work on your behalf to advance the project management profession worldwide," says PMI about itself at http://www.pmi.org/about. The goal of PMI is broadening the foundation of project management in organizations to make them act more successfully. Following our chapter charter, the goals of our association also include "the promotion of professionalism in the management of projects." This is exactly where the work of volunteers in chapter projects comes into play, creating a win-win for the volunteer, the chapter, PMI and our project partners. Our active volunteers may experience, use, learn or train project management approaches in real life while having a lot of fun. They can then use these gained competencies in their professional day-to-day work - following our chapter motto: We live project management.

Current Chapter Projects

Currently, the PMI Southern Germany Chapter is working on projects in the following areas (for details on the individual projects please explore the sliders further down this page):

Large Event projects:

Small and midsize projects:
Professional Development Events
Sponsored events

Social responsibility projects:
Social responsibility projects


With the motto IlluMinate: IT, the new event project type PM CHALLENGE of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. was started on 16.06.2016.

Details: www.pm-challenge.de [German]

High above the roofs of Munich, four leading manufacturers of PM software met a challenge:

Using the same realistic sample project and performing identical tasks within the four software applications, the attendees experienced hands-on and fully comparable the individual solution approaches of the manufacturers and their own "best fit."

Hence, during the four 90-minute sessions, the differences, the strengths and the weaknesses of each of the four project management solutions became visible and experienceable for all participants.

And with the fantastic venue, the extraordinary surroundings and the many networking possibilities, the 16th of June in 2016 became an outstanding experience!

Further information on the project-specific website part [German].


Key Visual 500x500PM-Summit 2016: Achieved attendance record, climbed up the peak, survived the project and got lots of positive feedback.

The PM-Summit was nearly sold out with roughly 420 attendees - the 20-headed volunteering project team of our chapter achieved on November 14, 2016 the attendance record of the PM-Summit event before two years. Alexander Huber (Huberbuam) opened up the congress with a captivating keynote: He reflected on the preparation of the world record in speed climbing, which he gained at The Nose (El Capitan) in the Yosemite valley in 2007, on project management. And, as a consequence, he created an analogy between a peak and the profession of project management.

The congress had seven tracks of 21 high-quality lectures and nine workshops, which provided new insights and ideas to the attendees, for example, through Best-Paper award winner Peter Kobriger (Whiteblue Consulting GmbH) and the Best-Workshop award winners Christian Botta und Daniel Reinold (Visual Braindump). The varied program was topped of by modern brass-band music during the lunch break (Blechsalat), as well as the inspiring panel discussion with representatives from the premium sponsors Contec-X GmbH, Genius Project by Cerri.com GmbH, onepoint PROJECTS GmbH, smenso Smart Enterprise Solutions GmbH and The Project Group Informationstechnologie GmbH and Alexander Huber, Klaus Grewe, Oliver Lehmann and Regina Wolf-Berleb (moderated by Austrian radio host Peter L. Eppinger).

Another highlight was the improvisational theater group Theater Interaktiv during the evening event: the whole congress day was mentally recorded and staged in domain-specific language - a delight besides the buffet.

PM Summit 11 2016 11363

Professional Development Events

Professional development is a hot topic for each project manager, who should take it as seriously as the planning of his or her customer projects. To support you in planning your personal carreer in project management, the PMI Southern Germany Chapter piloted an event to start a possible new event series called "Professional Development."

IMG 9279 webOn March 26, 2015, the PMI Southern Germany Chapter carried out a second event under the banner of Professional Development; this time, the focus was "Agile project management and the impact in the company.“ Speakers of the companies Heraeus, Munich Re and Fiducia offered very interesting insights into the possibilities and chances of Agile methods and the necessary integration of stakeholders considering the cultural environment. We thank the speakers and the participants for an informative, intensive and successful evening with good conversation and a delicious meal.

For information about the event series, such as when and where the next PDE will happen: https://www.pmi-sgc.de/aktivitaeten-projekte/professional-development-events [German]


Social Responsibility Projects

Social responsibility projects of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. are projects and project management respectively with non-profit organizations (NPOs) or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We contribute actively to their project work, or we facilitate their project management. These organizations foster children, students, young adults and socially disadvantaged families. The support provided includes educational projects with schools as a joint effort with the Academic Group of the Chapter (see  Academic Program of PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V.), with Partners like the TheoPrax (from theory to practice) Communication Center in Munich or projects for the social integration of refugees in Germany.

The PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. is looking for active members who are ready to support or manage a project.

Get informed about the possibilities the chapter can offer for your participation.


For more information, go to project-specific website part [German].

SRP Logo neu 2016

Project Marketplace

Are you willing to gain project experience outside of your daily work? Act as a project lead or sub-project lead? Or just do something completely different from your daily routine? For our projects, we are constantly looking for members of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter who want to participate as volunteers while having a lot of fun. Currently, we are offering the following project topics and are looking forward to getting to know your competencies and your willingness to support our chapter projects:

Generation Y - Integrate Youth!

Project Goals(s)

  • In our Chapter and especially on Chapter events like Chapter meetings or roundtables there are few younger people (below 30 to 40 years at age), who are engaged in Chapter work or attend an event.
  • Last year, the change in re-certification criteria (PDU) was criticized by long-standing members. Some of them have resigned from their active roles in the Chapter and do not participate in Chapter events any more.
  • Only a small portion of new Chapter members are attending Chapter meetings or roundtables.
  • The chapter wants to actively support young talents to secure its position as the association for project management professionals in the long term.
  • The global demand for professional project managers is still high and exceeds the number of available professionals (see latest Talent Gap Analysis of PMI). To cope with this, PMI wants to contribute through its standards, certifications and definitions of competencies in the PMI talent triangle to develop and improve more professionalism in project management. PMI Southern Germany Chapter, as part of the worldwide PMI organization, also considers itself as mediator of project management know-how. Hence the Chapter wants to be open to up-and-coming young project managers and support the development of their competencies and their careers.

We as a Chapter want to become more attractive for young people, who are interested in project management.

Requirements for the project deliverables

In order to achieve the project goals (see section above) we want to approach younger Chapter members and to-be members through different communication channels. These are all the available Chapter channels and selected external print and online media.

After communication channels have been agreed, the campaign needs to be worked out in detail. It is expected to be attractive and compelling for our target audience and to lead young talents to the propositions of our Chapter.

The communication campaign shall include the following Chapter areas:

  • Programs: Members and non-members shall be invited to Chapter meetings and roundtables where Generation Y topics are on the agenda. Additional events dedicated to Generation Y participants can be offered.
  • Education: Interested persons can attend training courses and webinars that are intended for a younger audience and will teach project management basics. In addition, we are planning that experienced Chapter members will be supporting junior project managers as a mentor. This will be part of the PMI European mentoring program.
    Through the Academic Program of the Chapter we have liaisons to universities. We want to use these contacts to directly address our campaign to students.
  • SRP/SMP: This offering is directed to a younger audience, that has little experience in project management. Participants can gain experience through hands-on project work and collect hours that are a prerequisite for a PMI certification. Furthermore, people can get informed about a career path in project management through the Chapter’s Professional Development Events.

Project Duration

01 Jan - 31 Dec 2018

Looking for...

  • Project manager
  • Deputy Project manager
  • Contact person to arrange co-operations with colleges, universities and other educational organizations
  • Social media responsible project member

If you are interested in one of these positions please contact  or apply here at the Chapter website https://pmi-sgc.de/das-chapter/volunteers#offene-volunteer-stellen or in PMI’s volunteer relationship management system (https://vrms.pmi.org).

Professional Development Event 3.0

Project Goals

Following the Professional Development Event on March 26, 2015 to establish a series of events that focus on the topic of Professional Development of project managers (eventually two times per year, to differ from other events like the PM-Summit).

Requirements for Project Deliverables

The topic of the event should deal with personal and professional development in the context of project managment. People and their carreer perspectives should be in the focus. Knowledge about training opportunities should be shared (e.g. PMI). Furthermore, the event should inspire dialogue and networking, which should be reflected in the title of the event. The following aspects have to be considered through the events motto and the name of the event:

  • Project management
  • Career
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Job opportunities
  • Career advancement

At least two speakers from companies should be found for impulse presentations. The presentations should be delivered during a multi-course dinner. Hence, the focus should be on the discussion about the contents and the possiblity for networking. The quality of the meal should be adapted to the location and size of the event as well as to the budget. The event must not be primarily a promotion.

End of the Project

At the latest four weeks after the event (lessons learned, budget, etc.). 

Looking for

Volunteers, who will help to make a success out of that project. The goal is another event in 2017 or in the first half of 2018. If you are interested, please send an email to . Apply directly here: https://pmi-sgc.de/das-chapter/volunteers#offene-volunteer-stellen [German] or in the VRMS.

Chapter Jubilee 2018

Project goals

One or more events have to be planned, to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2018. Thanks to our lessons learned and our experiences in doing event projects, innovative approaches can be applied. The primary goal is to reach an image-generating visual and outstanding effect for broad publicity.


  • There must not be a competitive PM event within two weeks of the chapter anniversary event. But, the anniversary event could be combined with another chapter event – PDE, PM CHALLENGE or PM-Summit.
  • Duration of the event: 1 day or afternoon/evening.
  • Typical elements of an anniversary celebration shall be considered – e.g. historical review and preview into the future. Important persons like representatives from our sponsors, former chapter presidents, eventually the mayor of the city of Munich, should be asked for a short welcome speech. Furthermore, ceremonial aspects like a concert, music or arts, speeches, and delicious catering shouldn't be missing.
  • The event should also include networking. Possibilities for networking have to be planned accordingly.
  • As an anniversary event, the events might be funded primarily by the chapter – the content should be delivered without cost to our members. But, further funds have to be found to avoid a huge financial loss for the chapter. Therefore, the revenues shall cover the expenses.
  • The participants should be asked for feedback.
  • Data protection needs to be considered, especially in the conditions of participation.

End of the project

Ca. one month after the event (Lessons learned and post-budget calculation).

Looking for

Volunteers, who will help to make a success out of that project. The goal is another event in 2017 or in the first half of 2018. If you are interested, please send an email to , or apply directly here: https://pmi-sgc.de/das-chapter/volunteers#offene-volunteer-stellen [German] or in the VRMS.

Sponsoring & Partnerships

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